About Us


Ma’agalim is a national educational non-profit organization that empowers 11th and 12th grade at-risk youth from the geographical and social peripheries of Israel and helps them undergo a process of personal growth.  In 1998, when Ma’agalim was founded, Ma’agalim’s educational staff came to the understanding that in high schools in the peripheries, lending a sympathetic ear and counseling is not sufficient enough in order to prevent at-risk youth from descending deeper and deeper into obscurity, or worse.


Ma’agalim enables these young men and women to enter adulthood as individuals with strong Jewish and Zionist identities. These youth are given a sense of responsibility to oneself, to their family, to society, and therefore, are ready to serve their country

The 2017 PresIntedial Award for Volunteerism​

The 2017 Presintedial Award for Volunteerism​